Hi there,

I'm Bihan Mahadewa and I am a Lead Instructor and an Entrepreneur.

I am an entrepreneur at heart with a strong initiative to teach about technology/programming to anyone who can use a computer.

I started to learn how to code at the age of 10. I graduated with a BSc in Software Engineering at the age of 16 from Cardiff M. University UK.

I have been teaching about computer programming for 4+ years, both online and to thousands of students in-classrooms. I don't believe any tech company gives a value to your university degree, but they do want you to be skilled.

End of the day what matters is how SKILLED you are! Skill comes from practice and I believe via my courses I can help you to become a skilled individual in your career path.

I am building edTech tools and services with the team of talented people at ExamPrep, also knows as Smartedu Solutions Sri Lanka.
Also I work with a lot of smart people in web3 at Metana to change how people learn about blockchain. I work as the co-founder & CEO of the company and a lot of cool things are happening, be sure to checkout at metana.io

You can find my courses / books and other resources here!